The area around the eyes is one the most delicate skin on our body and is one of the first areas showing the signs of ageing. Facial features on the face such as wrinkles, dark eye circles, tear trough, and bags under eyes are visible ageing signs that would make you appear older than your actual age. Medical beauty treatment is no doubt the only available method that can “reserve” all these ageing signs. The Premier Aesthetic is equipped with a radio frequency solution for customer’s aesthetic needs which is the ENDYMED 3DEEP multi source, phrase-controlled Radio frequency (RF) skin rejuvenation solution.

The World’s Most Powerful RF Skin Rejuvenation Technology

ENDYMED 3DEEP Multisource, Phrase-controlled Radiofrequency (RF) Skin Rejuvenation Solution

The ENDYMED 3DEEP multisource, phrase-controlled Radiofrequency (RF) skin rejuvenation device is developed and produced by an Israel company called ENDYMED Medical Limited (ENDYMED.LTD). It has been a popular treatment choice for many A-list celebrities including Victoria’s Secret supermodels, Kim Kardashian, David and Victoria Beckham, Josephine Skriver and many others.

It is considered the most advanced RF skin treatment technology in the world, providing a next level of efficacy in skin rejuvenation. It has been featured in world fashion leading publications such as VOGUE, Harper’s Bazaar and The Wall Street Journal. With the highest recommendation by aesthetic medical experts, the 3DEEP treatment has swiftly become one of the most asked options.

★ Core patented technology: 3DEEP RF multisource phrased-controlled technology

The exclusive and pioneering 3DEEP RF patented multisource phase-controlled RF technology is a non-surgical anti-aging technology that can effectively provide results in skin tightening and anti-ageing of the face and body and is highly recommended by well-known dermatologists globally. It was awarded as the best radio frequency technology in 2019-2017, and ranked as the top scar treatment device in an international trend report on 14 August 2020!

ENDYMED 3DEEP multisource phrase-controlled RF device delivers all round skin treatments through 5 distinct treatment methods, achieving a wide range of improvements including younger and brighter skin, reduced wrinkles under eyes, refined body contour, and tacking wrinkles, scars, and acne problems. This versatile device can address and tailor to various aesthetic needs.

◎ENDYMED is currently the only treatment device in the world that has been certified by the US FDA, China CFDA, EU CE, and Canada CMDCAS;

◎ Integrated with a variety of mainstream anti-aging and skin rejuvenation treatments (micro-needling, Thermage, matrix application), is a versatile device.

◎ From a single treatment, you will see improvements on skin regeneration, tightening and lifting, wrinkles reduction, and more refined contour. Receiving multiple treatments will effectively improve various skin problems such as enlarged pores, dull complexions, acne scars, and more.

◎Suitable to treat the face, area around the eyes and body.

The Premier Aesthetic is delighted to introduce the Endymed iFine phase-controlled eye treatment hand piece that is specifically designed for treating the eye area. It is a milestone of getting rid of invasive treatment for eyes and entering the new era of non-invasive eye rejuvenation treatment.

– iFine phase-controlled eye treatment-

Unique non-invasive eye lifting

As a leading eye rejuvenation treatment provider, EndyMed’s iFine treatment handpiece is currently the only RF technology in the world that can directly act on the eye area and significantly improve the hard-to-reach and delicate skin around the eyes.

The iFine handpiece is specifically designed for the treatment of the hard-to-reach and delicate skin around the eyes. The small and well-designed handpiece allows a comprehensive and accurate treatment on the face. Unlike other handpieces and devices in the market that may leave out some hard-to-reach areas such as upper eyelids and under eyebrows, the iFine handpiece does not have this issue and will leave no areas behind. This makes the 3DEEP a popular treatment for improving sagging, wrinkles, and dark circles around the eyes. The improvements gained from this treatment is equivalent to 80% improvement from surgical treatment, which explains its huge popularity across the globe.

An unique multisource phase-controlled technology with multiple global reputative certifications, providing a high standard treatment delivery.

– Principle of 3DEEP Eye Rejuvenation Treatment-

3DEEP phase-controlled RF technology is a revolutionary breakthrough in the global RF technology.

iFine utilises its core technology “3DEEP radio frequency technology” and energetic interaction among multiple electrodes. The emitted energy from the electrodes can penetrate 1.8 mm depth of the skin, which can reach the deeper layer of the eye skin to cause the collagen to shrink, stimulate regeneration of new collagen, produce new elastin and hyaluronic acid. Improvements will be seen after the treatment such as tightened and firmed skin, reduced appearance of wrinkles, brighter and lifted eyes, refined eye contour, smoothed eye bags and dark circles under eyes. The treatment will give you long lasting and natural results in restoring open, refreshed and natural looking eyes.

○ Improve wrinkles and sagging around the eyes: Energy will be emitted and penetrate to the deep layer of the skin which will tighten elastic fibres, and significantly reduce wrinkles and sagging around the eyes.

Reduce dark circles under eyes: RF energy will promote the blood circulation around the eye area which will improve the dark circles problem.

Reduce puffiness under eyes: The heat generated from the RF energy will remove excessive water around the eyes and hence get rid of puffy eyes.

Reshape the double eyelid: A treatment plan can be tailored for customers who desire to lift the skin around the eyes, instantly tighten the upper and lower eyelids, and restore open and radiant eyes.

During the treatment, the skin temperature can rise to approximately 38˚C for three minutes and you may feel warm around the eye area. The handpiece and the treatment gel will slide gently and smoothly on the treatment surface without causing any pain and discomfort. You can expect an effective and long-lasting result from a comfortable and relaxing experience.

– What can it treat-

  • Tightening sagging skin around eyes area
  • Reducing wrinkles and lines
  • Reducing appearance of dark circles under eyes
  • Smoothing crow’s feet
  • Smoothing forehead wrinkles and frown lines
  • Reducing eye bags (Non fat pad)
  • Lifting droopy eyelids

– Designed for Delicate Skin Around Eyes

– Comprehensive Eyes Treatment-

Reaching from epidermis to dermis, iFine is designed to treat the hard-to-reach, delicate eye area, providing significant results in reducing fine lines and wrinkles in the delicate and thin area around the eyes, reducing eye bags, and smoothing and tightening the skin and upper eyelids. A comprehensive eyes treatment that will bring you more radiant and refreshed eyes.

  • Refreshing, smoothing the skin around the eyes
  • Erasing signs of sagging under eyes and eye contour is more firmed and toned
  • Reducing the appearance of dark circles under eyes
  • Smoothing under-eye wrinkles and creating a longer lasting makeup
  • Lifting eyes. Eye area appears more open, refreshed, and radiant

– Why iFine Phrase-controlled Eyes Treatment-

High performance

Compared to laser technology, the exclusive 3DEEP phase-controlled RF technology has better energy penetration performance in the skin, and more importantly, the result will not be affected by the customer’s skin colour. Therefore, it can more effectively stimulate the regeneration of collagen around the eyes area, providing an anti-ageing solution.

Comfortable treatment experience

The modelling algorithm of the 3DEEP™ multisource RF system continuously monitors the energy flow and hence controls the energy emission, so that the temperature at the fibres at the dermis layer reach the critical temperature of 50°C while maintaining the temperature at the epidermis at 37-38°C. This continuous monitoring will ensure the maximal treatment outcome without causing discomfort, side effects, and recovery time.

Personalised treatment

Real-time skin impedance monitoring enables the optimal emission of RF energy for the best treatment results.

Has excellent safety profile

Equipped with three safety sensors: touch sensor, sliding sensor and instant impedance sensor. Providing three layers of safety measures to ensure safety for every customer.

– 3DEEP™ Combined Technology-

– iFine + FSR Eyes Rejuvenation –

Combination of iFine and FSR technology for enhanced improvements around the eyes.

Receive an iFine non-invasive treatment 1-2 weeks after the FSR treatment, this combination will gently stimulate the production of collagen, and promote the blood circulation around the eyes. Both treatments involve the usage of heat energy which will bring you a relaxed treatment experience while restoring younger looking eyes.

iFine + FSR utilises 3DEEP™ phase-controlled RF technology and matrix RF technology to provide a safe and effective comprehensive treatment solution for eye rejuvenation. This non-invasive eye treatment minimizes the discomfort during the treatment but brings long lasting, promising results. The improvements gained from this treatment is equivalent to 80% improvement from surgical treatment. This no-downtime, pain-free technology has completely brought us into a new era of eye rejuvenation and has been recognized as the best choice for non-surgical eye rejuvenation option.

– iFine Phrase-controlled Eye Treatment FAQ

Q: What do I expect during the treatment? Is it painful?

A: The iFine phase-controlled eye treatment does not cause pain and does not require the use of anaesthesia medication. You may feel a heat sensation at the targeted eye area during the treatment, it is like having a hot stone massage, which is comfortable, relaxing, painless and non-invasive.

Q: How many iFine phrase-controlled eye treatments should I get?

A: A course of 4-6 treatments is recommended  (1-2 weeks apart). Repeat treatment once every 3-6 months to maintain the improvements.

Q: When will I see the result from iFine phrase-controlled eye treatment?

A: Optimum results are usually seen after a course of treatment, which is 4-6 treatments.

– Treatment Results –

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