Lips Microblading ⋅ Secret to the Natural Looking Tinted Lips-

The lip colour not only displays your beauty but also reflects your general health condition. Having the perfect colour with the right contour of your lips will enhance your confidence and charisma, perhaps your chance of meeting your future better half as well.

Lips microblading is a practical semi-permanent makeup technique. It enhances the beauty of natural lip colour by depositing pigment on the lips. The pigments used are all-natural pigments containing no synthetic pigments. The natural pigments will be implanted on the epidermis, due to the nature of the pigments and the location of deposition, the results will last for 2-3 years, shorter than using synthetic pigments. However, top up treatments can be arranged to maintain the results.


1. Soak an oval-shaped cotton pad with epinephrine hydrochloride. Cover the client’s entire lip with the soaked pad for 15-20 mins. Apply anaesthesia after the skin becomes completely white.

2. Slide the blade on the skin at 45o, repeat 4-5 times for an optimal result.

3. Apply a “mesh” technique and repeat 4-5 times. Allow enough time for maximum pigment deposition on the skin, wait for 8 mins before removing the excessive pigment by patting and tapping. Avoid pigment removal right after the deposition.

4. Follow the microblading instructions: shallow rather than deep, narrow rather than wide.

5. After the treatment, do not apply any medications on the lips. Complete the oral and intravenous antibiotics course for 3-5 days.

6. Use gentamicin-soaked cotton balls to clean the lips to speed up the healing.

7. The lips do not show the finishing colour within the first 2 months, do not apply any lips colour correction (such as lips liner or lipstick). A natural final lip colour will show after 2 months.

Who should avoid lips microblading

1. People have acute and chronic inflammation of their lips.

2. People with skin diseases. People who are prone to develop scab or allergic reactions.

3. People with thick lips, protruding lips, and blushing lip lines. It is because microblading will make the situation worse.

4. People with systemic diseases such as high blood pressure and heart disease who cannot attend surgery. Pregnant women or women on their period.


1. Make sure to involve intermittent cold compression, antibiotics, and topical application 24 hrs after the treatment.

2. Avoid foods that are hot (in temperature) and spicy for 7 days after the treatment. Consume large amounts of vegetables and fruits.

3. Use salt water to rinse your mouth after meals to keep the mouth and lips clean.

4. Do not pick the scabs, let the scab fall off naturally.

– Results from Semi-permanent Lips –


A CQC-Approved Aesthetic Clinic

THE PRIMIER AESTHETIC CLINIC is UK’s first Asian-oriented aesthetic clinic to obtain accreditation by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). The CQC is responsible for the inspection and regulation of all healthcare services in England, including the NHS. THE PRIMIER AESTHETIC CLINIC is proud to stock equipment, tools and supplies that comply with strict CQC standards.

Over the years, the THE PRIMIER AESTHETIC team takes pride in Asian aesthetic values. We provide nothing but the best aesthetics services, guaranteeing that all clients receive a safe and satisfactory experience.

Why Semi-permanent Lips in The Premier Aesthetic Dubai, UAE

You need to know: Semi-permanent lips makeup requires the accurate operation of special equipment in a hygienic environment by a professionally trained tattoo practitioner. And it should not be done anywhere without meeting the requirements.

We understand that finding the right lip colour that matches with your complexion, face shape, appearance, and your preference is crucial. Therefore, we have provided a selection of natural pigments that will help every client to find the most-matching and natural lip colour.

The Premier Aesthetic Clinic is the only clinic in London that offers ITEC certified Korean-style semi-permanent makeup. Microblading practitioners at the clinic have rich experience in providing aesthetics practice for Asian clients. Based on Asian-style aesthetic standards, the clinic aims to provide professional and safe microblading treatment.

● Pignments: natural plant pigment, certified by SGS.

● Safe: Do not damage and harm hair follicles and skin.

●Tools: Operated under a highly sterilised and hygienic procedure. QDEL single-use disposable microblading pens are used.

●Technique: Exclusive tattoo technique. A pain-free, no bleeding and non-invasive process.

●Style: Experienced tattoo artists with Asian-style aesthetic standards. Tailor eyebrow style for each client based on their facial features and desired results.

●Results: It has a natural finish without green or red tones. It can last for 1-2 years or longer.

●Service: Well-insured. Free top up within 10 weeks. Half price for eyebrow microblading treatment for the rest of your life.