– Hairline Microblading The Secret to a Natural Looking Smaller Face –

As people age and get stressed over life and things happening around us, many may start to experience hair loss or a receding hairline. Not only does a receding hairline make the forehead appear bald and aged, it also makes the face appear bigger. What’s the solution when this happens to you: hair growth shampoo, or maybe hair transplant? Forget all that hassle! Hairline microblading, a procedure that originates in Korea, is the perfect answer.

A thinning or receding hairline can easily ruin any first impression. But not to worry: this semi-permanent makeup treatment can easily achieve what hair transplant does. Incredibly fine lines are tattooed onto the scalp’s epidermis to blend into the patient’s existing hair, achieving healthy, natural and fuller-looking hair. Suitable for those with an M-shaped forehead or experiencing hair shedding.

– Hairline Microblading at The Premier Aesthetic Dubai

Using a pigment that resembles the patient’s hair colour, one of our skilled practitioners will target hairline areas with thinning or shedding hairs. A tiny blade will cut into the skin and tattoo hairlike strokes that follow the surrounding hair’s growing direction. By mimicking the look of existing individual hairs, the forehead will appear fuller and the facial contours will look more natural and defined.

– Benefits –

Hairline is the edge of the area where hair grows. Its shape and height help frame one’s facial features.

According to traditional oriental aesthetics, a prominent and round forehead, as well as a curved hairline that forms a natural ‘M’ shape, is considered the most desirable.

There is also a golden ratio regarding the height of hairline and width of the face. An equal distance between the hairline and brows, brows and tip of the nose, nose and chin, plus the face being as wide as 5 eyes, are considered ideal.

Korean style hairline microblading employs all-natural pigments that share a similar colour with the patient’s natural hair colour to achieve results that last for approximately 2 years after only one single session. This treatment is cheaper and safer than a hair transplant; and is more suitable for those with a receding hairline. By applying fine strokes that follow the growing direction of existing hair, a natural-looking lowered hairline helps gives the illusion of a smaller face. It is an excellent solution for those suffering from hair loss, who wish to non-surgically reverse the situation and contour the face without anyone noticing.

– Who Should Avoid Hairline Microblading –

  • Those who suffer from alopecia areata should opt for prescribed medication instead;
  • Those who suffer from skin inflammation;
  • Those who suffer from a decreased heart, lung, liver or kidney function.

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– Semi-Permanent Tools at The Premier Aesthetic–

At The Premier Aesthetic Dubai, we offer a Korean style semi-permanent microblading treatment that engages environmentally friendly semi-permanent makeup materials. We use natural ingredients imported from Korea that do not cause any side effects and will never change colours. All ingredients are perfectly safe. Any use of topical anaesthesia will be applied on the superficial dermis and will not affect the human body. For most people, the procedure is essentially painless.

● Korea-Imported Natural Pigments No Side Effects Colours Stay the Same over its Lifetime

● Single-Use Disposable Microblading Pen

● Semi-Permanent Microblading Device