-The Premier Aesthetic Male Eyebrow Microblading

In general, male customers who receive eyebrow microblading treatment want to add masculine character to their face. Therefore, the shape of their eyebrows is different from female eyebrows microblading. Also, their age will affect the pigment and colour used for the microblading. Dark grey colour is preferred for middle-aged male to naturally match with their grey hair.

-Microblading Procedure-

After the decision on the desired colour and contour, a microblading pen with tiny needles will be used to implant pigment onto the skin by delicately scratching the skin surface. The pigmentation will not be absorbed by the body which means the new eyebrows will stay on and you will be saving them on drawing eyebrows everyday.

Why semi-permanent eyebrow-

Eyebrows are the frames of our eyes and deserve our attention as same as the rest of the body. The colour, thickness, and fullness of eyebrows can affect our personal appearance which both male and female should be paying attention to. Having the right eyebrows can add definition to the eyebrows and enhance the masculine feature of the face.


  • Before the formation of scab, avoid water-contact of the eyebrows and do not wash face for 24 hrs after the treatment
  • Scabs may be itchy and flakey, but do not scratch or pick. Let the scabs fall off naturally.
  • After 1 week, the scabs will be flaking off and the eyebrows will show the final colouring. If a darker colour is desired, a top up treatment can be done 1 month after the treatment when the pigmentation is settled and final.

-Who should avoid eyebrows microblading-

People who have furuncle or folliculitis on their face or eyebrow area. People who have skin that is prone to scab formation. People who are allergic to the pigmentation solution. People who have lesions on their eyebrow area, such as hemangioma, sebaceous cyst, seborrheic dermatitis, etc.

The Premier Aesthetic Brow
  • German natural plant color, certified by international SGS.
  • The operation process is strictly disinfected and hygienic, QDEL one-time full-throwing tattoo pen.
  • Exclusive dyeing technique, the process is painless and zero bleeding.
  • Natural, short recovery period.

You need to know

It can be cleaned after 24 hours.

Avoid steam baths, swimming, skincare

It takes 3 to 7 days for normal minor scarring, and the facial cleanser should avoid the eyebrows as much as possible.

Best for:

Anyone who wants a natural look that lasts.

Operating time:

Communication+Design+Operation= 1-1.5 hours


The Premier Aesthetic Clinic uses environmentally friendly materials. They are natural materials with CE approval with no side effects and no discoloration. The anesthetic can be applied, but only on the surface of the dermis, and can be wiped afterward.


A CQC-Approved Aesthetic Clinic


THE PRIMIER AESTHETIC CLINIC is UAE’s first Asian-oriented aesthetic clinic to obtain accreditation by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). The CQC is responsible for the inspection and regulation of all healthcare services in England, including the NHS. THE PRIMIER AESTHETIC is proud to stock equipment, tools and supplies that comply with strict CQC standards.

Over the years, the THE PRIMIER AESTHETIC team takes pride in Asian aesthetic values. We provide nothing but the best aesthetics services, guaranteeing that all clients receive a safe and satisfactory experience.

Why Having Microblading Treatments At The Premier Aesthetic?

● SPECIALIST THERAPIST: Our microblading specialist is dedicated to providing personalized, esthetic treatments to address a wide range of issues for the face and body. Our microblading director, Ms, has over 7 years of experience, which has refined her ability to deliver safe and ethical treatments, reflecting in her clinical excellence standards.

● SERVICE & CARE: We pride ourselves on client care and experience; therefore, our experienced team will ensure that your visit and treatment areas informative, comfortable, and as professional as possible.

● CLINIC LOCATION: The microblading eyebrow treatment is carried out at our clinic in the Shop No. ICP- RT-03, The Pavilion, International City, Al Warsan, Dubai, U.A.E..

● HIGH CLIENT SATISFACTION: Our clients are pleased with their results generating in many returning to have additional areas. We also have many that recommend friends and family to the clinic.

● PREMIUM MEDICATION: We use only premium and FDA/CE-approved products for the eyebrow micrloblading treatment.

● We are an UAE approved & regulated aesthetic clinic. This ensures that we carry out treatments, hygiene, and patient care to the highest of standards.