Wanting a S-shaped body? You better not overlook the importance of the size and shape of your bums. Rounded, curvy and full bums help create the S-shaped contouring figure you are wishing for. But, how can we pump up the flat bums? The answer is aesthetic treatments as they effectively lift, sculpt, and build your bum.

What is flat/saggy bum?

Our bottom is a muscle group composed of 3 muscles: gluteus maximus, gluteus medius and gluteus minimus. Stuck sitting at the desk for too long can lead to flat bum, or even a wide hip, which are not uncommon among women working in the office. Like the abdominal area, fat tends to store at the bottom areas. Our bottom requires regular workout to maintain a firm shape. Therefore, anyone who lacks a bum workout or has improper exercise postures, their bottoms are prone to become saggy, loose and out of shape.


In general, a low muscle mass, weak bum muscles, or weak gluteus medius can create a sagging appearance of bum.

1. Sitting down everyday

Sitting down all day will make our bum muscles more dormant, less volume, and flatter. In the meantime, the fat will take advantage and store at the bottom areas. Over time, the bum will appear flat and saggy.

2. Smoking and drinking

We all know that smoking, drinking, staying up late, and stress are enemies to our health, however, do they impact our bum appearance too? Yes! They cause poor blood circulation and poor metabolism at the bottom areas, and the loss of muscle firmness and roundness.

3. Bad eating habit

Obesity is largely dictated by having high calories or high sugar meals, in addition to insufficient exercises. Over time, the fat deposited at the bottoms causes a drooping appearance of the bum.

4. Wearing non-supportive knickers during exercise

Triangle knickers such as bikini and brazilian styles knickers, along with thongs do not provide adequate support to the bottom muscles and keep them in shape during exercise. The vigorous movement during exercise will loosen the elastin fibres at the bum, causing its loss of roundness and fitness.

5. Prolonged standing

Prolonged standing causes the increased pooling of blood in the legs, which decreases the blood return to the heart and so there will be decreased oxygen content at the bottoms. The resulting low blood circulation and metabolism at the bottom will cause the bum muscles to droop.

6. Bad sitting posture

Bad sitting posture should be abandoned from our daily life because they harm the health of our back and change the shape of our bum. Slouching on your sofa is comfy, however, this position adds a tremendous amount of pressure on your back, restrain the blood circulation, and lower the oxygen supply at the bottom. On the other hand, if you frequently sit at the front third of the chair, it means you have shifted and squeezed your whole body weight to the small area of the chair you sit on, which will reshape your bum in a favourable way.

Parameters of ideal bottoms

Integrating aesthetic opinions and the anatomical study of the bottoms, the cosmetic surgery industry has proposed the global consensus on the parameters of the female bum in accordance with the ever-changing popular aesthetic trends.

◎ From the posterior view:

① A smooth and round outer curve of the middle of the bum, and shows no depression along the curve.

② Fold of the bum (gluteal sulcus): Tilt down from the inside to the outside, and form a diamond-shaped gap between the bums and the thighs.

③ V-shaped area: The V-shaped area defined between the area above the gluteal sulcus, the inside of the bums and the sacral area, reflecting the defined contours of the bum muscles.

◎ From the lateral view:

① A S-shaped curve shown from the lumbosacral region. The most prominent point of the hip is at the sacrum.

② The hip protrusion ratio 2:1. The ratio between the distance from the highest point of the bottom to the greater trochanter (hip bone) and the distance from the greater trochanter to the highest point of the pubic bones equals 2:1.

③ A waist-to-hip ratio of 0.7.

Affected groups

The ideal shape of a bum varies in different cultures and there is no standard across the globe. For example, Spanish admires a round and full bum with curvy contouring, African favours a big size bum with curvy contouring down to the outer thighs and Asian sets our head in a moderate size and ratio bum.


Cosmetic treatments have been improving and advancing to provide more natural and desirable outcomes, nevertheless, their side effects and complications can not be overlooked. Reshaping bums by implanting and fat transfer still have considerable complications. Therefore, The Premier Aesthetic Clinic offers world class treatments for safe and healthy fat reduction and body contouring.



Developed by BTL, BTL EMSCULPT is an innovative device that can simultaneously burn fat (19%) and build muscle (16%) by a non-invasive technology. The device offers effective and safe results without emitting any radiation, freezing or high temperature that may damage the epidermis. BTL EMSCULPT has been certified by the US FDA, CE and TGA, and supported by 7 pieces of independent academic research in the United States. EMSCULPT is the same technology that Kim Kardashian has used for shaping her figure.

How does it work:

BTL EMSCULPT adopts a breakthrough technology called High-intensity Focused Electromagnetic Technology (HIFEM) . In only 30 minutes, an energy pulse will stimulate muscle contraction for 20,000 times. The electromagnetic wave emitted from the well designed applicator can penetrate up to 7cm depth of the muscle layer in order to trigger extreme muscular contractions that the human body cannot achieve autonomously. These contractions facilitate fat burning (by increasing breakdown of fat cells) and muscle building and strengthening.


1、Face-to-face consultation: Customise a unique treatment plan for each client based on their condition and desired result.

2、BTL EMSCULPT: Place the applicator tip onto the treatment area, gradually increase the energy intensity.

3、Post-treatment precautions.

Duration: 30-45 mins

Who is it for:

  • People who are not significantly overweight but looking for a reduction of stubborn fat at specific areas such as shoulders, abdomens and bums;
  • People who have saggy bums and want to rebuild their shape of bums by fat burning and muscle building;
  • People who want to have peachy bums;
  • People who want to rebuild their body silhouette after childbirth;
  • People who want a non-invasive fat reduction treatment without any involvement of surgical operation, liposuction or general anesthesia;
  • People who lack sufficient exercise and want to lose fat healthily;
The Premier Aesthetic CoolSculpting:

The Premier Aesthetic clinic is the first clinic in the UK to introduce the latest generation of CoolSculpting, CoolSculpting Elite. This cooling technology can destroy fat cells without damaging any normal body cells. It is a highly effective, non-invasive fat reduction treatment you are looking for.

B. CoolSculpting Elite

What is CoolSculpting:

CoolSculpting Elite system is a fat freezing treatment system developed by renowned dermatologists Dr.R.Rox Anderson and Dr. Fieter Manstein at Massachusetts General Hospital (A teaching hospital of Harvard Medical School), and manufactured by American medical equipment manufacturer ZELTIQ AESTHETICS, INC.. The system has been widely used in more than 80 countries globally with more than 5 millions successful practical cases. This technology has been certified by the US FDA, China CFDA and CE. Its safety and prominent results have granted the CoolSculpting technology to be a world class body sculpting treatment.


Based on the cold-intolerance property of fat cells, CoolSculpting technology utilises low temperature (4~5℃) applicators to chill the unwanted fat cells. Fat cells will then die and be excreted out of the body as they can not tolerate low temperature. The accurate temperature setting and the usage of the applicator probe ensure that the process will not damage any normal body tissues except fat cells. Thanks to the high accuracy and specificity, one treatment can achieve a removal of 22.4% fat.


1、Face-to-face consultation: Evaluation of bulges including location and size. Doctor will provide a suggested treatment plan based on your situation and expectation.

2、Pre-treatment: Draw markings to define treatment areas. Clean, disinfect and install the tip of applicator.

3、Sculpting treatment: Place the applicator probe against your skin to deliver cooling to fat cells.

4、Post-treatment caring.

Duration: 1 hr

Who is it for:

1. People who are not significantly overweight but looking for a fat reduction at specific body parts;

2. People who have excessive fat deposit at their bums or have saggy bums;

3. People who want a non-invasive fat reduction treatment without any involvement of surgical operation, liposuction or general anesthesia;

4. People who are not physically active and want to rapidly lose fat at specific body parts;


BTL EMSCULPT is a fat reduction/muscle building exercise device that only requires you to lay down and causes no sweating. This non-invasive treatment simulates a high frequency exercise to burn fat and hence reshape body contour scientifically and healthily. The Premier Aesthetic Clinic is one of the first aesthetic clinics to introduce BTL EMSculpt in the UK.

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The Premier Aesthetic Clinic is a CQC accredited clinic based in London, and also is strongly supported by Cynosure(the owner of Ulthreapy) and Cynosure (the owner of PicoSure).

With rich experience of treating clients of various conditions, led by a famous British medical chief trainer, practiced by doctors and nurses who are GMC/NMC-registered and worked in NHS national hospitals, The Premier Aesthetic provides certified and safe medical beauty treatments.

The Premier Aesthetic always puts safety first. Not only are all medical staff insured by independent medical policy, each client who comes to The Premier Aesthetic Clinic is also insured by £5 millions medical insurance. This full insurance coverage allows clients to have a concern-free treatment experience.

The Premier Aesthetic Clinic has served over 15,000 clients from all around the world, been covered by some famous media such as European Times and CW Television, and established trust and an excellent reputation among them.