Botulinum toxin is used cosmetically to paralyze the facial muscles. Functionally, this treatment can improve the pain that some people experience in their jaw and also alleviates uncomfortable night grinding. From a cosmetic perspective, it will also work to slim the muscle and create more narrow lower face and sleeker jaw appearance for you.

First of all, it is important to reference landmarks for jawline injection. A quadrangular zone is drawn demarcating the area in which the masseter is well-developed. Also, the entry point is at a safe distance from vital anatomic structures. The treatment will be carried out by our highly experienced cosmetic doctors in order to achieve the best outcome for customers.

This Jawline Botox Slimming treatment is suitable for people who have a masseter muscle problem because the procedure targets the muscle that is located on the side of the jaw on both sides. If you have a wide jawline, strong masseter muscle, or you have an asymmetrical face looking to make your face more symmetrical, this treatment is ideal for you. Also, some young girls who like to chew hard food may face the same issue that their muscle give volume and fullness to the sides of the jaw.

By injecting botulinum toxin to relax the masseter muscles, the large muscle will decrease and shrink down in size over time. As a result, the toxin will work to slim down the jaw area and make your face appear slimmer.

However, the injection on jawline does not recommended for people who have prior allergic reaction, infection or inflammation on injection areas, neuromuscular disease, coagulation dysfunction-related diseases or anticoagulation therapy. Moreover, injections are not ideal for pregnant or breastfeeding women. If you are not sure if the jaw reduction is suitable for you, just schedule a consultation with our doctors to determine whether you are a good candidate for this treatment.



We have a professional team with GMC/NMC-registered, experienced, and esteemed aesthetic doctors and celebrity practitioners. Therefore, we can provide a set of safe and effective injection standards tailored to different aesthetics and skin types.

The whole Jawline Botox Slimming treatment consists of a small number of tiny injections and will cause a minimum of discomfort. The procedure will not take more than a few minutes, and the pain level is low. Botulinum toxin typically takes 3 weeks to start working, with full slimming results seen in 4 to 6 weeks. To maintain a slimmer appearance, you may need to continue to get injections several times per year.

Jawline injection can partially relax your masseter muscles to create a visible V-line in the face. The process is easy without scars, a recovery period, and the need for an anesthetic. Eventually, your face will look youthful and slender while emphasizing your cheekbones.

About Jawline Botox Injection

● Preoperative preparations

Avoid having injections on an empty stomach.

Avoid drinking alcohol a week before the injection.

Avoid taking aspirin and other drugs within two weeks before the injection.

Avoid to having injections during the menstrual period.

● Aftercare instructions

Avoid touching, rubbing, or physical pressure on the affected area.

Temporary soreness, redness and bruising is normal.

Leave the treated area alone without water for 1-2 hours.

Avoid lying down, or massaging your face within 4-6 hours after the injection.

Avoid hot or cold compress to the injection site within 24 hours.

Do not eat spicy seafood food within one week after the injection to prevent the inflammation or bleeding reaction.

Avoid taking any antibiotic within one week, especially gentamicin and penicillin.

Do not drink alcohol within 3 days after the injection.

Do not go to sauna, spa or swim for one week.

Avoid strenuous exercise temporary.

Why choose The Premier Aesthetic for Jawline Botox Slimming

  • The Premier Aesthetic is CQC-regulated with the safety and quality of the treatment guaranteed for you.
  • The Premier Aesthetic carried out the most number of Jawline Botox Slimming in the UK.
  • All Jawline Botox Slimming procedures are performed by GMC-registered doctors or NMC-registered nurses atThe Premier Aesthetic.

Jawline Botox Slimming Dubai


Q:Is jawline reduction procedure safe?

The application of botulinum in oral and maxillofacial surgery begins in 1982, and it mainly uses for reducing muscle mass and smoothing the skin. Since then, it has been used for cosmetic purposes widely. Its trade name “Botox” was initially accepted by the FDA in 1992 and finally approved its application in many diseases. Botulinum neurotoxin type A has been increasingly utilized to treat in the aesthetic field, so effectiveness and safety can be guaranteed.

Q:How long can you see the result?

In the beginning, it takes 3 weeks to start working, and you can find the results can be evidently seen in approximately 4 to 6 weeks. So, on average, the difference will typically last between 4 to 6 months. However, we still recommend a second session at 3 to 6 months following the first injection to reduce bone and muscle bulk to attempt at greater longevity.

Q:How long does it last?

This may vary from patient to patient. You can expect your Botox jaw reduction to last at least 3 to 6 months, with this longevity increasing with regular treatments. If you insist on having the procedure, the result could be permanent after 3 injection cycles.


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