With the advancement of aesthetic medicine technology, more people are benefiting from lightning, rejuvenating, and anti-aging treatments. However, there is still no proper treatment to tackle rough skin and large facial pores. No worries – The Premier Aesthetic is here to help! We hereby present the phenomenal and monumental Radio frequency (RF) Micro needling technology!

It is considered the most advanced RF skin treatment technology in the world, providing a next level of efficacy in skin rejuvenation. It has been featured in world fashion leading publications such as VOGUE, Harper’s Bazaar and The Wall Street Journal. With the highest recommendation by aesthetic medical experts, the 3DEEP treatment has swiftly become one of the most asked options.

★ Core patented technology: 3DEEP RF multisource phrased-controlled technology

The exclusive and pioneering 3DEEP RF patented multisource phase-controlled RF technology is a non-surgical anti-aging technology that can effectively provide results in skin tightening and anti-ageing of the face and body and is highly recommended by well-known dermatologists globally. It was awarded as the best radio frequency technology in 2019-2017, and ranked as the top scar treatment device in an international trend report on 14 August 2020!

ENDYMED 3DEEP multisource phrase-controlled RF device delivers all round skin treatments through 5 distinct treatment methods, achieving a wide range of improvements including younger and brighter skin, reduced wrinkles under eyes, refined body contour, and tacking wrinkles, scars, and acne problems. This versatile device can address and tailor to various aesthetic needs.

The microneedle is a sterile treatment tip with a matrix of 25 non-insulated, 24k gold-plated microneedle, with a 300 mm-base diameter that is gradually tapered, to guarantee constant, efficient, and safe results for clients. Via radiofrequency, the heat penetrates the dermal layer to stimulate the self-healing process and reproduction of collagen and elastin. The resulting outcome will be an improvement of your skin cycle that rebuilds and tightens your skin.This treatment is the secret weapon behind Victoria and David Beckham’s perennial youth and perfect image. They have given credits to ENDYMED in several interviews. Apart from this well-known couple, other celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Victoria’s Secret supermodels, and many social media influencers have all fallen head over heels for this impressive rejuvenation technology. Various household fashion magazines such as Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and The Wall Street Journal have all dedicated articles for this technology. A lot of experts also highly recommend it. As a result, this technology quickly went viral.

The Science Behind Radiofrequency Microneedling 

The laser technology that ENDYMED Radiofrequency Microneedling provides customers with is its pioneering and patented 3DEEP RF multi-source phase-controlled laser technology. It is a non-surgical anti-aging therapy that concentrates on your face and body. It effectively tightens your skin and reduces wrinkles, and is highly praised by dermatologists worldwide. It is considered the most outstanding laser technology from 2019 to 2027. It is also placed top 1 among all scar removal equipment in a 2020 international report.

Among all advanced laser technologies and treatments, the company offers its most cutting-edge 3D Intensif Radio Frequency Microneedle system, ENDYMED-PRO. The fundamental principle behind this patented technology is its exclusive 3Deep Radiofrequency technology. The technology achieves heat penetration that can stimulate neocollagenesis, subsequently approaching deep dermis and sub-dermal layers of your skin, and productively tighten and reconstruct your skin after the process. Some people may have concerns regarding any side effects. However, this is what makes ENDYMED Radiofrequency Microneedling so unique. In fact, with ENDYMED’s groundbreaking technology, the power and depth of the energy delivered to the skin can be controlled efficiently.

Why choose The Premier Aesthetic for RF Microneedling

  • We use the most advanced Non-insulated gold plated RF microneedle technology on the market, Endymed Intensif.
  • All RF Microneedling procedures are performed by GMC-registered doctors or NMC-registered nurses at The Premier Aesthetic.
  • Lowest prices guaranteed in London, UK.

The Indications, RF Microneedling UAE

  1. Skin Tightening
  2. Deep Wrinkle Reduction
  3. Texture Improvement
  4. Acne and Acne Scar Reduction
  • Boxcar Scars: Broad, usually box-like depressions with sharply defined edges. Mostly form on lower cheeks and jaws, where the skin is rather thick.
  • Ice Pick Scars: Smaller, point down into the skin’s surface. Require tough and constant treatments. Mostly form on the cheeks.
  • Rolling Scars: Make the skin appear wavy and uneven.
  1. Traumatic Scar Reduction
  2. Stretch Mark Reduction

Key Features, RF Microneedling UAE

It is an intensive, FDA- and CFDA-certified way to restore the radiance of any skin type. The following are the traits that make it stands out.

  1. It is the combination of three mainstream anti-aging ways: tightening and contouring, Intensif RF microneedle, and fractional skin resurfacing (FSR).
  2. One single therapy session can rejuvenate, lift and tighten the skin, reduce wrinkles and reshape the face.
  3. Constant treatment sessions can be operated via diverse medical and aesthetic applications. For instance, skin rejuvenation, skin color lightening, acne scar treatment, and body contouring.
  4. The therapy can be specifically operated near the eye area.

The Premier Aesthetic Clinic brings you this safe, painless, and effective revolutionary technology to whoever strives for ultimate beauty.

  1. Only The Best Material
    Given the fact that gold is novel metal, it leaves less room for complications during or after any therapy.
  1. Advanced Technology Applied
    Parented 3DEEP RF technology employs a brand new version of multi-source phase-controlled laser technology. A let of complex algorithm manipulates RF current phases that flow to transmit energy into the skin. Given the fact that these different electrical fields naturally drive away other fields that try to go past them, this interaction leads to an absolute mix of energy that can effectively pinpoint numerous skin layers. Waste of any amount of RF is lessened since the energy is driven vertically into the treated skin areas. Moreover, non‑ablative dermal heating from 55°C to 65°C is focused to trigger the production of new collagen.
  1. Customized Therapy
    Dermatologists can specify the amount of RF energy during the procedure. It is adapted based on the size and depth of treatments needed. This advantage makes the procedure flexible and the result can last longer than other therapies.
  1. Comfortable and Safe
    With unique FPM technology, the power and depth can be controlled to minimize any discomfort or downtime. Also, the diameter of the gold-plated microneedle is thinner than that of a traditional microneedle, which will lessen the pain during the therapy.
Non-Insulated Microneedle V.S Insulated Microneedle

Most microneedle uses insulated needles, which limits the resulting outcome for a number of reasons. One of the reasons concerns energy transmission. With insulated needles, the energy will only be emitted at the tip of the needle. Inside the needle, it is like a ball of energy that can merely stay in the dermis and cannot be transmitted to other areas. On the other hand, the energy comes out throughout the whole needle so that the heat penetration can be more thorough. Besides, there will be less bleeding with the usage of ENDYMED RF INTENSIF microneedling. Last but not least, by applying proprietary fractionated pulse mode (FPM), non-insulated RF microneedling can provide an enhanced heating volume for collagen remodeling.

Radiofrequency Microneedling Vs. Fractional Laser

Fraction laser is considered one of the most popular therapies to improve one’s skin condition. However, there are some disadvantages for patients to consider before the treatment, one of which being a higher chance of scarring and infection if your body constitution is not suitable for this therapy. Subsequently, when compared with fractional laser, one of the biggest benefits of RF microneedling is that it leaves the protective epidermis intact so that there is noticeably less chance of infection or scarring. Besides, RF microneedling therapy is more likely to be used on a larger number of skin types and conditions, and any pain caused is more tolerable for most patients.

Traditional Microneedling Vs. RF Microneedling

So why should one choose RF microneedling? How does it differentiate itself from traditional microneedling?

Traditional microneedling basically uses tiny needles to glide over the skin. On the other hand, RF microneedling generates heat to energise the skin in the dermal layers to enhance skin tightening.

The following are what makes RF microneedling a better option.

  • RF microneedling is able to reach deeper skin layers

RF energy delivered by the needles can approach deeper dermal layers of the skin, which stimulates the regeneration of collagen and elastin.

  • RF microneedling is better at removing scars

RF energy from the needles can scatter these rough patches of damaged skin while it is too formidable to handle with traditional microneedling.

  • RF microneedling has better results when treating serious wrinkles

With RF microneedling, the heat generated by the energy can be boosted to produce collagens that can have a greater effect on wrinkles and lines.

About The Premier Aesthetic Clinic

  • We are CQC accredited with the quality of the treatment guaranteed.
  • Our experienced team is led by doctors and nurses who have previously worked in NHS hospitals. They are all GMC/NMC registered and strictly trained by our headquarters so there is absolutely no risk for our clients when it comes to any kind of therapy.
  • The Premier Aesthetic is the leading provider of all sorts of advanced laser and RF-related therapies, such as PiscoSure, Thermage FLX, Ultraformer lll, and DPL. RF microneedling therapy will be more effective if it is implemented with the aforementioned therapies.
  • We provide a unique complimentary assessment that focuses on achieving the most desirable results. We always pay extra attention to aftercare as the holistic result of any treatment is also essential.

FAQs, RF Microneedling London

  • Is the treatment painful?
    You will be given shots of anesthetics before the treatment so you will not feel any pain during the process.
  • How many treatments are suggested to see results?
    We usually offer 3-5 treatments as a course, in intervals of 2-3 weeks for each treatment.
  • How long is the downtime? Are there any side effects?
    Slight redness may occur after treatment but all patients are able to resume work and take part in any other activities following a session. Redness usually disappears after several hours, leaving patients with rejuvenated skin. Following the aftercare instructions such as washing the face with warm water attentively, patients can expect a speedy recovery in 2-3 days, and scabs will fall off after a week. Patients can wear makeup and there will be no side effects.
  • Does it work for acne scars and facial pores? Will the results be visible immediately?
    Every client’s skin unique, and as such, results and time scales may vary. As a reference, after your first treatment, you should start to see improvements in skin texture and tone. However, it takes time for new collagen to form so it may take longer to see significant changes for acne scars and pores. After the completion of all sessions suggested by our professional team, an obvious improvement will start to show.
  • What is the difference between ENDYMED RF INTENSIF microneedling and Thermage? Can these two treatments be operated in conjunction with each other?
    The chart below indicates the difference between these two treatments. They are basically distinct from their indications and costs. And surely, these treatments can be operated alongside each other for better results.